Computer Coding (Level – 4)

As technology dominates our lives, learning basic computer programming isn’t just a smart idea, it’s an essential skill for grown-ups and children alike. Learning how to build simple websites and games helps kids refine their design, logic and problem-solving abilities. It also allows them to express ideas and creativity in unique ways.


Our training programs are carefully and scientifically designed to bring out the innovation and creativity through out-of-the-box approach while giving the child an opportunity to explore computer programming and Technology. Whether or not your child grows up to be the next Zuckerberg, programming is a highly useful skill for him or her to learn. It teaches vital problem-solving, creativity, and communication skills. Plus, it can be downright fun for you both.

What do Student’s Learn?

  • Able to have fundamental knowledge on basics of computers hardware and number systems.
  • Able to understand the basic terminology used in computer programming.
  • Learn to use browser and search hyperlink capabilities.
  • Describe uses of the internet and design a simplistic web page using HTML coding.
  • Understanding the concepts of Python.
  • Learn vital problem-solving, creativity and communication skills.


  • Implement Physics, Algebra and Geometry concepts while designing Robot
  • learning through world-class software Use Engineering Concepts to design, sketch, assemble and operate the prototype robot
  • Improves logical and analytical thinking ability to perform complex task
  • Project based approach helps to develop personality and teaches importance of teamwork
  • Technological


Benefits of Learning Robotics from Master Minds Robotics Academy:

  • Understanding of simple machines
  • Basic engineering understanding
  • Understanding of Engineering
  • Develops interest in technology related areas
  • Start of Logic building
  • Analytical approach
  • Understands basics of manufacturing & technology
  • Thinking Skills
  • Motoring skills
  • Excellent Personality Development
  • Creative Thinking
  • Innovative thinking
  • Learns Problem Solving approach
  • Self Confidence building
  • Will power building
  • Helps to become a universal thinker
  • Self Discipline
  • Discriminative thinking
  • International perspective
  • Industrial and commercial sense

Outcomes of Robotics – Electrical, Mechanical, Electronics, IT:

  • Knowledge imparted at the level of an engineering students
  • Understands the fascinating world of engineering
  • Project based approach, Knowledge other than school academics and higher level studies makes learning interesting and challenging
  • Stimulates maturity thinking due to complex task performance
  • Learns all the engineering technologies which converge in roboti