Advance RoboCHAMP Level-1

               6 Years – 10 Years

School students, in the age group of 6 yrs. to 10 yrs are taught simple machines and powered machines.

Basic concepts of Mechanical Engineering and Electrical Engineering are explained to them using fun elements and day to day examples.

Here, Students learn various STEM concepts and understand the “How’s”, “Why’s” and “What’s” of Engineering and Mathematics.

Students would make various designs as per the scientifically developed simple machine’s and enjoy their first ever experience on robots.

Duration: 3 Months (30 hours)

Below are some examples of the robotic models which the students will create:


F1 car

A robotic racing car which is designed as a creative F1 Car which runs on batteries and DC Motors.


A simple yet complicated design of a crane to lift an objects.


Helicopter Robot


A complex designed robot with the shape of and helicopter fitted with 3 motors for to and fro movement and the fan movement.


More such machines are designed and created by students which help them understand the basic concepts of engineering and mathematics.

After completing the course, these students are given a chance to participate in internal competition and enjoy the robots that they made.

What do Student’s Learn?

  • Build Simple & Powered Machines
  • Overcome Problems
  • Implement Project Based Ideas
  • Learn Various Mechanical Concepts Like C Channels, L Channels, Connecting Plates, Motor Brackets, Pulleys, Gears, Shaft, etc.
  • Learn Various Scientific Concepts Like Torque, Force, Push, Pull, Friction, Pressure, etc.
  • Learn Various Electronic & Electrical Concepts Like Electricity, Current, Batteries, Power Supply, Connecting Wires, Connectors, etc.