Photography @ Master Minds – Media Academy


During our research phase, we analyzed the reasons for dearth of quality manpower in the New Media technology and creative space and we realized that though there are many training providers who offer courses on Web Designing, Development, Graphic Designing & Print, almost all of them were getting it wrong. The world today moves at the speed of light and technology is what facilitates this accelerated phenomenon. In such a scenario, we found most curriculums teaching outdated technologies, techniques and basically everything that you should not be using today. In fact, these courses were a perfect example of what NOT to learn if you have to be a Web Designer, or a Developer or a Graphic Designer.


Duration: 6 Months

Photography programme is a one of its kind programme that aims at understanding the art of Digital Photography. The digital medium has paved way for virtually anyone to get started with photography and it goes way beyond using a device. This course covers everything from

Foundation level photography to understanding compositional issues, color and lights and goes all the way up to digital color correction and manipulation.

  • History of Photography and Evolution
  • Understanding Lenses & types of Cameras.
  • Understanding Fundamentals such as Aperture,
  •  Shutter Speed, ISO etc. and their inter-relationships.
  •  Learning Composition & Framing
  •  Framing Motion
  •  Understanding Illumination & Lighting
  •  Capturing Crowds & Human Subjects
  •  Photographing the Nature
  •  Product Photography
  •  Night/Low Light Photography
  •  Experimental Photography such as Light Painting
  •  Mobile Phone Photography
  •  Digital Color Correction & Data Management using
  •  Adobe Photoshop Light room


Duration: 4 week