“The Highly Conceptual CBSE.

Now Made Highly Simple.”


As your child proceeds to Std. 10th CBSE Board, you do have speculations about his or her performance which being the main reason of providing your child with special coaching or guidance which is offered by Alfa Academy.

Alfa Academy has studied the CCE pattern of evaluation of the CBSE Board and put forth an extremely clear CBSE Study Module in place. You will find the CBSE Syllabus well covered with the extensive study and test schedule which have been planned in advance enabling the child to pace out their school as well individual study schedules accordingly. Apart from teaching and mentoring done by well qualified and experienced teaching personnel, the child will find the environment at Alfa Academy Study centre conducive to motivate him or her to focus on the subject and perform well.

The subjects taught at are English, Maths, Science and Social Science, each of them accompanied by well developed study material and notes. The preparation and performance of the child is evaluated through revision sessions and regular tests conducted periodically. Keeping in sync with the Union HRD Minister’s initiatives, the Alfa Academy CBSE course is designed to get students better grades, but while learning holistically.

CBSE Professors

The trust that Alfa Academy has built in Mumbai since 1981 ensures that only the most popular teachers with a proven track record are chosen as Professors. As a student, you will benefit from the combined expertise of some of the best professors of Mumbai.

CBSE Tests

This makes sure that students who take Tests seriously will have concepts that are crystal clear. Further, the Final Tests are widely considered to be the best Prediction Papers which mimic the actual examination paper; one of the reasons why students perform so well in CBSE Exam.


CBSE Systems

Right from your first day at Alfa Academy to your final board examination, everything is pre-planned to bring out the best performance in you.

CBSE Course Fees

There are many Course Combinations available for CBSE Coaching. For detailed fee
structure for these combinations, Kindly visit your nearest Centre.


CBSE How to Apply

Eligibility: Owing to the high demand for Alfa Academy Courses, we can offer admission only to the most deserving students every year. The specific eligibility criteria for admission varies for ICSE, CBSE, SSC, HSC CET courses. Students may get the eligibility details from the branch manager at their nearest Centre.

Admission: Admissions usually get full a few months in advance before the start of the course. Students and parents are advised to apply for admission early. Admission can be confirmed by paying the first installment of the Course Fee.


  1. Fill the Application Form.
  2. Attach 2 recent passport size photographs and a certified photocopy of your
  3. Submit the completed form with student and parent signatures and collect the
    receipt from the reception.

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